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Health Care Benefits for Cincinnati Bearcats!

University of Cincinnati
member resources Page

University of Cincinnati student health plan members can use this page to download forms, log on to STATUSLINK to check on the status of individual claims, or find useful Web Links.

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University of Cincinnati links

Student Health Center Information:

Website:   Click here!

E-Mail:  Click here!

Phone:  513.556.2564

Insurance Booklet:

Click here!
2013-2014 Booklet Coming Soon


Student Health Center Referral Requirement: Referrals are required for certain procedures. Please refer to the Insurance Booklet for details or contact the Student Health Center.

Claims Inquiries: KlaisClaims@Klais.com

Claim Forms: University Student Health Plan Medical Benefits (Page 1 of 1) (PDF) 

Provider Networks:           

UnitedHealthcare Options PPO
Phone: 866-948-8472

To locate in-network specialists (excluding behavior health),
Click here! 

To locate in-network behavioral health specialists,
Click here!

Hospital Pre-notification:


Enrollment & Waivers:

Contact the University of Cincinnati Student Insurance Office
E/mail: studins@ucmail.uc.edu

Phone: 513.556.6868

ID Cards: 

Contact the University of Cincinnati Student Insurance Office
Phone: 513.556.6868
Website:  Click here!

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation:


In the event of an emergency, please call 1-800-527-0218 (toll free in USA or Canada); or 1-410-453-6330 (collect outside of the USA)

web links

Hospital Quality Comparison Links
General Health & Wellness Links
Cancer Links
Cardiovascular Links
Endocrine Diseases Links
Neurological Disorders Links
Organ Transplantation Links
Respiratory Disorders Links

Please note: Klais & Company, Inc. presents these hyperlinks as a convenience to our browsers. This list is not complete, nor does it constitute an endorsement by Klais & Company, Inc. of the web sites listed or any of the entities or individuals sponsoring the sites.

Klais & Company, Inc. cannot take responsibility for any of the content of the links listed above. We are unable to confirm or refute any of the medical information appearing on these sites. As with any medical information, you should discuss it with your physician or attending medical provider to determine if applicable to you and your medical situation.


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Notice to Users:
StatusLink will not be available after February 28, 2015.  Please proceed to the HealthSmart Portal to register and view your current claims.





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